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Participants Selected for Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control At Scale Initiative

Participants Selected for Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control At Scale Initiative

Mon, May 09, 2016

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A total of ten applicants have been selected to participate in the Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control At Scale Initiative (CMAC At Scale). The initiative, run by Opti with support from the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation’s LIFT program, is a limited opportunity to deploy continuous monitoring and adaptive control technology for improved performance of stormwater infrastructure and achievement of critical stormwater management objectives.

CMAC At Scale generated a widespread and positive response in its initial stages, with applications submitted by watersheds and communities across the country. The accepted applicants submitted at least three stormwater management facilities for retrofit with CMAC technology, with some requesting installation at up to twelve facilities. Adaptive forecast-based control is anticipated to be fully deployed under this program at 30+ sites for a six-month study period beginning September 30, 2016.

CMAC At Scale seeks to demonstrate the environmental and operational benefits of deploying adaptively controlled facilities at the watershed scale. In addition to the improving the effectiveness of existing BMPs and saving cost on implementation, the participants will:

  • Gain experience with high performance green infrastructure
  • Learn efficient ways to meet stormwater regulations and requirements
  • Identify new approaches for stormwater reuse
  • Take part in a significant research study with the potential to transform the infrastructure of cities and towns

Upon completion of the study period, a final report will document individual and program-wide findings. A number of participants are seeking the significant benefits of CMAC over the long-term and plan to continue use of the installed technology beyond the initial study period. The opportunity for continued or expanded use of CMAC is available to all participants.

To learn more about the initiative, download a recording of the January 21 informational webinar.

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