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The Opti Platform is the most secure and robust remote monitoring and active control platform on the market. Built on modern cloud architecture with a modern web interface, Opti was built for resiliency and the future.

  • Optimized for distributed infrastructure, security, and stormwater


Intelligent Retention of Stormwater

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  • Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Hydromodification
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Stormwater Credit Markets


Predictive Maintenance of Stormwater Infrastructure

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  • Green Infrastructure
  • Conventional Stormwater Infrastructure


No-Effort Environmental Monitoring

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  • Green Infrastructure
  • Conventional Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Clean Water Act Compliance
  • Water Quality
  • Water Level
  • Performance
  • Research
A control box.


Opti integrates with field-tested commercially-available sensors, valves, actuators, and telemetry. We can help you specify which equipment will work with the Opti Platform or help you integrate with what you have onsite. With our partners, we can provide complete solutions to your stormwater management needs.

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The Opti Platform integrates cloud services, network hardware, microcontrollers, sensors, valves, and actuators to deliver reliable information and control services to water infrastructure owners and operators, on a modern web interface. The Opti Platform leverages open internet standards to securely control distributed infrastructure and deliver information.

Opti was built to be as effective controlling thousands of distributed sites as it is on a single deployment. The advantage of Opti is the ability to seamlessly and securely control and monitor all of your sites from a single web interface.

In addition, Opti has a public API for your customized application.

A control box.
A control box.


At Opti, security of your data and your infrastructure is our top priority.

We take a holistic approach to security, considering the technical, regulatory, and institutional aspects of our solutions to minimize the likelihood of disruptions to service.

We use major cloud service providers for world-class infrastructure and operations services as well as their scale-on-request capacity. We specify networking and encryption technologies that balance product-specific needs for message authenticity and confidentiality with concerns relating to in-field hardware costs and management options. We respect the implications of network-connected, automated water infrastructure and design and deliver products that offer both utility and limited consequences of failure. To stay ahead of issues and threats, we continually evolve our systems to prevent unauthorized access of services, limit the potential consequences of an unauthorized access, and improve the accuracy of our predictions. We divide security into the following areas of attention:

Secure Log-in

We grant zero privileges by default and provide role-based access to resources and services on our platform.

We leverage authentication systems run by the largest internet organizations to securely identify our users.


We specify field-tested commercially-available sensors, valves, actuators, and telemetry.

We specify lightweight microcontroller hardware, avoiding the cost, complications, and security risks of remotely-deployed traditional PC operating systems.

We can guard the physical layer of our systems by instrumenting equipment enclosures to audit when they are accessed.

We can specify onsite data logging so an internet outage doesn't result in lost data.

We can specify battery backup or completely off-grid design, so a power loss doesn't mean a pause in operation.

Data Transport

We leverage industry standard transport security technologies to protect data communications with strong encryption.

We rely on widely used open protocols where possible to mitigate the likelihood of undiscovered vulnerabilities in our communication subsystems.

Data Storage

Opti is built on infrastructure and services managed by Microsoft Azure, and as such benefits from automated security updates, numerous security layers around every tier, and multiple active monitoring and threat mitigation programs .

Project data is partitioned across multiple Azure storage accounts, limiting the extent to which service interruptions could cascade.

Control Logic

We run control logic in the cloud, but we ensure that there is sufficient local control logic embedded on the microcontroller to allow safe functioning in the event of an internet outage.

We implement logical limitations, via electrical relay switches or non-networked microcontroller hardware to limit the frequency and magnitude with which remote commands can change physical states. This provides a management option for controlling risk and minimizing the potential impact of unauthorized access.

We provide manual override functionality to disable cloud logic, both via online interfaces and via physical, on-site controls.

By limiting the number of users who can remotely control a system at the same time, we prevent conflicting operation by multiple remote users.

Assisted Quality Assurance

We deploy sensor trust analysis, which is anomaly detection designed to avoid incorrect decisions resulting from the use of inaccurate data from a failing sensor.

In addition to these design decisions, we regularly have our platform audited by a third party security firm.

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