Intelligent retention of stormwater based on forecasted precipitation data.

Use Opti to Control Stormwater

OptiNimbus uses forecast information to predict the amount of rain that will enter a watershed and prepares the system to receive the forecasted water based on site objectives and regulations. The results are significant improvements in the performance of stormwater infrastructure and the ability to simultaneously meet what are otherwise competing goals - minimize wet-weather discharge while maximizing harvesting potential.


Decrease in Wet-weather Discharge


Reduction in Water Lost to Bypass


Increase in Residence Time


Decrease in Required Storage Volume

Types of Infrastructure

OptiNimbus can control

  • Cisterns
  • Tanks
  • Dry Ponds
  • Wet Ponds
  • Bioretention Cells
  • And more


OptiNimbus integrates with

  • Water level meters
  • Valves
  • Telemetry
  • And more

How It Works

Rain Is Forecasted
Opti Controls Your Valve
Regulations Are Met

Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction

The Problem

Stormwater can overwhelm the capacity of combined sewer systems, resulting in raw sewage discharged into rivers and oceans.

The Solution

Opti retains water during wet-weather and releases it after the peak flow. Opti reduces wet-weather flow into the combined sewer at a dramatically lower cost than any other option.

Rainwater Harvesting

The Problem

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable practice that can also reduce potable water costs; however, stormwater detention requirements must also be met, and achieving both of these objectives is costly.

The Solution

Opti enables the use of a stormwater detention volume for harvesting. With Opti, you only need to install one tank instead of two.


The Problem

Rapid urban runoff to rivers and creeks causes environmental damage. Regulations for residence time and discharge rate must be met.

The Solution

Opti releases water as slowly as possible given retention limits, release rates, and rainfall patterns. Opti can retrofit an existing water storage volume to improve wet-weather capture while meeting regulations.

Water Quality Improvement

The Problem

Stormwater water quality regulations must be met.

The Solution

Opti retains water as long as possible, given regulations and future rainfall, to increase settling and natural pollution reduction. With a simple retrofit, Opti can increase water quality at a lower cost than alternatives.

Stormwater Credit Markets

The Problem

Some properties are unable to meet stormwater regulations and must buy or earn more stormwater credits.

The Solution

Opti can maximize stormwater credits from existing or new infrastructure by making your infrastructure intelligent. This cannot be achieved by any other product on the market.

Use Opti to earn LEED v4 Credits in Water Efficiency and Sustainable Sites impact categories.

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