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Capitol Region Watershed District - Curtiss Pond

Doubling the flood control capacity of an existing wet pond at Curtiss Field Park

Capitol Region Watershed District - Curtiss Pond

Falcon Heights, MN


Curtiss Field Pond in Falcon Heights, MN is a stormwater pond that collects runoff from a 38-acre watershed and is directly surrounded by a playground and residential area. Large storms have resulted in pond overflows and multiple feet of standing water, threatening infrastructure and private property. The Capitol Region Watershed District needed to eliminate the flooding that posed an imminent safety concern. Houston Engineering designed a network of 10-foot diameter perforated pipe to temporarily store and infiltrate overflow. However, physical space for the pipe network was limited.

An 8-inch butterfly valve was installed to allow Opti to control water draining to the infiltration pipe. The addition of OptiNimbus to the existing pond decreased the pipe storage requirement by 226 feet of the 10-foot diameter pipe, effectively increasing storage volume of the system by 58% without changing the project footprint. Opti also measures temperature and infiltration rates to improve stormwater management during freezing/thawing cycles in the District.

For more information on this project, please visit the Capitol Region Watershed District website.


Since deployment in July 2015, the Opti system at Curtiss Pond has successfully collected stormwater runoff from the 38-acre watershed and prevented flooding in the surrounding playground and residential area. In addition to preventing costly flooding that limited park use, damaged infrastructure, and created public safety concerns, OptiNimbus provides real-time and historical data of site performance. At any time, staff can remotely monitor the system and modify what’s happening. This high-efficiency solution enabled the Capitol Region Watershed District to achieve its stormwater management objectives within the constraints of a highly developed urban/suburban area. If expanded to stormwater facilities throughout Falcon Heights, OptiNimbus for flood control has the potential to effectively manage storms at the local watershed scale.

Fast Facts
  • System Start Date

    July 2015

  • Objectives

    Flood Prevention

  • Application

    Stormwater Ponds

  • Products Used


  • Project Partners

    Geosyntec Consultants

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