Public API - Access Real-Time Metrics from Your Opti Account

The Opti Public API provides a simple, read-only interface to access metadata and the last 3 days of real-time data points of all metrics in an Opti Platform Account:

  • Web developers can use the Public API to display real-time metrics from Opti facilities on their own websites no backend database required.
  • Systems integrators can use the Public API to pull data into their own GIS or ETL systems, for example, to connect real-time stormwater conditions to their existing asset management software.
  • Analysts can use the Public API to pull data into their analysis scripts for repeated analysis.

To learn about how Opti's data-driven products are enhancing community resilience to heavy rainfall across North America, see the Opti Home Page.

Device Telemetry API - Send Data To Your Opti Account

The Opti Device Telemetry API allows systems integrators to send data to the Opti Platform. It can be used to integrate data sources from a wide variety of platforms including:

  • Cellular Data Loggers.
  • Smart Sensors.
  • Monitoring Agents.
  • Custom or proprietary data collection platforms.

This document summarizes all you need to know to integrate your device with the Opti Platform:

  • How to configure your device.
  • What metadata you must provide to describe the data you send.