Articles and Papers

What Does Opti Mean for Your Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is complex and demands a proactive approach. Traditional infrastructure design is passive and reactive. Discover how Opti is raising the bar in helping communities better manage their stormwater challenges.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control for Enhanced Flood Control in Howard County, MD

This study evaluates the stormwater benefits of an at scale implementation of CMAC in Howard County, MD

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control: The 'Smart' Stormwater Management Solution

The approach to managing stormwater has not kept pace with the digitally enabled environment. Adaptable infrastructure with Opti changes what was once thought of as a liability into an asset.

Ewart Avenue Stormwater - Controlling Runoff in the Cloud

The iPond is an intelligent stormwater management project, developed in response to a persistent problem of roadway flooding and property damage in Beckley, WV.

Smart, Integrated Stormwater Management Systems Anacostia River Watershed Water Quality Study

CMAC was deployed at three stormwater management facilities within the Anacostia River watershed to convert passive systems to dynamically controlled systems and monitor performance of each site for a year.

Evaluating Green Infrastructure Performance Using Real-Time Control from a Risk Perspective - Villanova University

Villanova University has teamed up with OptiRTC to design and retrofit existing green infrastructure systems at Villanova University with real-time control technology to evaluate system performance and investigate the role of automated, self-learning controls within traditional GI design.

Converting Dry Ponds to Wet Ponds Without Excavation - World Water: Stormwater Management

Improve water quality with Opti’s active control at a fraction of the cost compared to excavation.

From Passive to Dynamic Storage - Water Environment & Technology

Retrofitting a stormwater retention pond with CMAC technology helps Philadelphia address combined sewer overflows.

Smarter Stormwater Systems - Environmental Science & Technology

Runoff from urban environments is threatening environmental health by lowering the quality of receiving waters, including fisheries, recreational sites and sources of drinking water. There is an unprecedented opportunity, however, to improve urban water flow and quality by equipping existing stormwater systems with sensors and controllers.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control — The Internet of Things Transforms Stormwater Management

Traditional stormwater management practices have almost entirely been designed as passive systems. Advances in Internet-accessible controller systems have made dynamic control a viable, cost-effective and beneficial option.

Intelligent Infrastructure Optimizes Stormwater Management - World Water: Stormwater Management

How forecast-based, real-time controls can be applied to independent, distributed pieces of stormwater infrastructure to optimize system performance.

Transforming Our Cities: High-Performance Green Infrastructure - WERF

Look beyond conventional approaches to stormwater infrastructure and examine the effectiveness of various decentralized controls that use natural elements and technology to dampen stormwater surges.