Frequently Asked Questions

Opti is the world's largest provider of cloud-based stormwater management. Opti enables communities to continuously improve stormwater management by delivering real-time visibility, adaptively controlling assets, and supporting smart city initiatives. Opti manages over 160 commercial deployments and over 100 million gallons of stormwater storage. Opti’s solutions have been approved by regulatory authorities, including the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program and its member states, and the Washington State Department of Ecology TAPE program.

The Opti Platform interacts with IoT (internet of things) enabled field equipment including sensors, actuated valves, SCADA systems, and pumps. The Opti® Platform provides users with the ability to adapt to the challenges of constantly changing weather patterns and make data-driven decisions for improved stormwater management. Platform users have access to web dashboards through which they gain visibility and insight into real-time and historical performance of their stormwater infrastructure.

Opti enables stormwater infrastructure monitoring, enhancement of existing storage assets, and optimization of new development. Opti’s products are used to address and achieve multiple stormwater objectives at the same time - reducing flood risk, improving water quality, restoring ecological flow rates in streams, and mitigating combined sewer overflows. As a result, we help optimize the capacity utilization of the upstream watershed. By optimizing the upstream watershed, communities can reduce the burden of managing the downstream watershed.

Opti partners with engineering and environmental consulting firms and contractors for project delivery through the use of our platform and products. Partners can leverage analytics and reporting tools available through the Opti® Platform to source, design, and analyze stormwater system benefits and performance. We provide design support and product deployment services such as site commissioning, installation guidelines, and O&M training. Beyond site implementation, Opti also works with partners to develop strategies for watershed management and ongoing system optimization.