Managing Your Watershed On The Cloud With the Opti Platform

Opti’s Platform and Event Explorer allows you to analyze trends for preventative maintenance and continued optimization.

Journey to a Smart Watershed

Create a more efficient and resilient watershed with Opti’s solutions.

Financing & Funding your Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrades

Opti provides options for funding and financing of critical stormwater infrastructure upgrades during times of uncertainty.

Smart Stormwater Ponds Debut in Florida With Exclusive Off-Site Approach

National Stormwater Trust (NST) develops, permits, and operates off-site stormwater treatment capacity in FDOT stormwater facilities that are retrofitted with “smart pond” technology from Opti.

Smart Watershed Network Management

Opti's Smart Watershed Network Management (SWNM) allows users to optimize their watershed network based upon a variety of downstream conditions, across a variety of 3rd party sensors.

Opti's New Partner Program

Partners are integral to delivering successful stormwater projects. Learn about Opti's new technical resources and project support services now available for our valued partners.

Opti and SCADA: Partners in Watershed Optimization

Opti’s product is designed for high levels of integration and applicability to deliver the best experience for our customers. Integrations unlock new opportunities to improve stormwater management such as data consolidation, asset performance and network optimization capabilities. Learn how using Opti’s APIs will extend your system capabilities, improve watershed health and build community resilience.

Proactive O&M for Stormwater

Upkeep of traditional stormwater assets can be challenging, costly, and long overdue. Via our secure web dashboard, Opti provides alerting, decision support, and actionable insights to stormwater managers so that critical failures are stopped before they happen.


Innovations in Protecting the World's Water Supply

In the first public-private partnership of its kind, Opti worked with The Nature Conservancy and Walmart to deliver water quality credits at a savings of 75% to the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). Improved stormwater management in the Chesapeake Bay reduces pollution and mitigates flooding- creating a huge positive impact for all communities.

Opti Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) Explainer Video

Get ahead of the storm with Opti while dramatically reducing your costs and risks.

How Albany Utilizes Technology To Prevent Stormwater Flooding

Joe Coffey, Commissioner of the Albany Water Department discusses how Opti has helped improve the lives of Albany’s community.

Utilizing Advanced Technology For Flood Monitoring & Flood Control

Alex Bedig, Co-Founder of Opti explains how proactive stormwater management allows communities to handle rainfall events before they cause damage.

Advanced Technologies To Forecast And Control Flooding Overflow

Opti’s CEO, David Rubinstein explains how Opti technology can control storage, distribution, and stormwater flows so that communities do not get overwhelmed, especially important during a pandemic.

How high tech and real estate team up to protect cities from flooding

As rainfall becomes heavier and localized flooding more destructive, cities are turning to high-tech, cloud-based platforms to improve efficiency and operations of stormwater systems.

At Brooklyn Smart Garden, When It Rains, It Drains

In New York, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is using the cloud to handle too much rain. When Superstorm Sandy dumped more than 7 inches of rain across the east coast in 2012, New York got hit hard. The city sustained up to $19 billion in damages and saw 5 billion gallons of sewage overflow. In order to smarten up its system, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden worked with Opti and the designers at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates to dry their water worries. (CNET)

From Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) to Smart Watershed Network Management

Get an exclusive look into the Opti platform at WEF’s 2021 Stormwater Summit. Opti’s Smart Watershed Network Management is employed to manage CMAC sites using real-time data from throughout the watershed.